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Every team member in our practice is dedicated to making your comfort their priority.

We will address any apprehension you may be experiencing concerning your dental treatment, as well as take every measure possible to ensure a comfortable, pain free experience.

You are in control.

We want you to let us know how you’re feeling.

We respect your time. Every effort is made to see you at the time reserved solely for you.

If you are nervous or anxious about dental treatment, we can use various anxiety reduction techniques to relax you. Oral medications can also be used to reduce your apprehension.

  • If you would rather watch a movie, we have a library of top hits and old classics or you can choose from the Netflix streaming catalog.
  • Our wireless headphones allow you to listen to your movie or music without any interference.
  • To keep the dental light from glaring in your eyes and to keep your eyes safe during treatment we provide individual safety sunglasses.
  • To prevent your jaw from getting tired, we will provide jaw rests.
  • To minimize the effects of unavoidable stretching of your lips, we will keep your lips moist with medicated lip balm.
  • Freshen up after dental procedures with one of our warm, wonderful scented towelettes.
  • To keep you cozy and comfy, we have neck pillows, lumbar pillows and warm blankets.
  • Our dental chairs are equipped with a gentle massage feature that ensures a relaxing visit.
  • Our invigorating mouth rinse is always a great way to start or complete any dental procedure.


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818 Pierremont Rd
Shreveport, LA 71106
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