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We believe that you should receive the best dental care possible, and that you should be completely informed of the condition of your oral health.

We believe in full care dentistry.

This means that we will recommend whatever is needed to bring you to an optimum state of oral health and to prevent any future problems.

This type of dental care is the same as what we would recommend if you were a member of our immediate family.

Our goal is to restore your mouth in such a manner that, after your treatment is completed, you should only need to visit us for regular preventive hygiene care in order to maintain this high degree of oral health.

Today, there is a wide range of dental equipment, technology, and materials that make creating beautiful smiles easier, safer, and more comfortable than ever.

  • Our Cerec machine allows us to make and deliver porcelain restorations and crowns in one visit, eliminating the need for you to return for a second visit.
  • Digital radiography provides a quicker x-ray image that is more comfortable and delivers up to 90% less radiation than traditional films. The images are available immediately on the computer monitor for you and the Doctor to view.
  • Intraoral Cameras can capture pictures of your mouth for you and the Doctor to see on a video monitor.
  • Air Abrasion can be used instead of a drill to remove small areas of decay without the need for anesthetic.
  • Sterilization and disinfection procedures are employed in the strictest manner including barrier protection techniques.
  • To constantly improve the quality of care and service we provide for our patients, our entire staff regularly participates in continuing education courses allowing us to take advantage of the latest technologies.
  • Fill out paperwork at your convenience from any location through our web-linked patient forms. The majority of our office functions through paperless, electronic documents.


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818 Pierremont Rd
Shreveport, LA 71106
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